Accept It Movement

This month’s yoga is going to be rooted it acceptance, in all its embodiments. Just as Lemongrab from Adventure Time screams “UNACCEPTABLE!”, so too do we tend to react when we’re not living up to our own expectations. It’s up to us to root down and ground ourselves by telling ourselves that what is, IS. We can change it if we don’t like it, but we need to first accept it for what it is.

Off to class. Have an acceptable Sunday!


Safe body roller advice

REBLOG: STOP using a roller on your IT band

IT band

So-very-YES!! Read this post on body roller use by Monique Lavoie, Teacher/Trainer/Instructor: ACE, STOTT PILATES GYROTONIC, ZENGA >>> “The IT band is pretty much just a tendon and so treating it like your tenderizing meat isn’t going to help. I’m all for self release but use caution with hard materials on soft tissue. Best place to start is by strengthening the glut med which can be done with good old fashion side leg lift executed properly, with good alignment, parallel legs and slow control movement.”

Friday Funny: sports cool cats

Sports International posted this on their Facebook page today & it’s pure awesome! Enjoy your weekend & get moving!

Trifle diet? On my Ayurvedic cleanse?!

Part of the 21-day Ayurvedic diet cleanse I’m on involves drinking something called Triphala every night. Triphala is a powder made up from dried fruits. It’s important in Ayurveda because it has cleansing properties such as improving digestion and it’s enriched with Vitamin C. It’s VERY bitter and is best served quickly.

It’s day 6 of the cleanse, so I’m getting used to the taste — and the benefits. Still, when I read an email from somebody today that had autocorrected Triphala to Trifle, I couldn’t help getting lost in a sugary, custardy, cakey reverie.


English Trifle by KenickiE on DeviantArt

I lerve trifle, but I’m also loving how healthy I’m starting to feel on this cleanse diet!

Ayurveda diet, cheat days & awareness

Day FIVE of the 21-day Ayurveda diet/asana challenge: Tomorrow is the beginning of five days of kitchari.

The first five days haven’t been too difficlut. Actually, I’m starting to feel really great. :) But this week has also been challenging for me off the mat — I’m my mom’s primary caregiver and she’s had a difficult week healthwise because she’s not making great decisions around her health. My mom needs the care I and her home care staff give her, but she’s also living independently and has the capacity to make her own health and life decisions. When she makes choices that I know put her health at risk, I struggle with my role as caregiver and daughter, which affects my daily yoga practice — and not just the asanas. Control and attachment are two biggies for me and when my mom’s health takes a turn for the worse I really notice the extent to which I’m attached to the illusion that I have control over how healthy she  is, and how well she manages her own care.

Sometimes I’m a control freak.

This cleanse diet is also showing me the extent to which I eat based on cravings, and, the degree to which I turn to sugars, salties, sours, fats and caffeine when I’m stressing or feeling down. So today started out as a cheat day — I had a peanut butter sandwich with relish and mayo (don’t knock it till you try it). My comfort food. And, possibly one of the worst Kapha snacks. Within an hour I was lightheaded, headachey and my limbs felt like lead. By 11am I unintentionally fell asleep as I waited for a plumber (yeah, as it turns out,  I don’t have control over our water pipes either).


Ayurveda & Asana = Diet?

Today I decided to participate in a 21-day Ayurveda and asana challenge. It’s not a diet, but it’s a change in mine.

I already have my herbals teas for my dosha type (Kapha) as well as Ghee and a daily plan. I’ll also be trying out some new recipes! Oh, and I’ll be giving up coffee, sugar and gluten. My three favorite food groups these days.

I <3 sugar

I’m still learning what Ayurveda is — what I know is this:

The way we digest and eliminate food influences our body’s makeup. We’re all comprised of five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements combine in our bodies to form doshas (or, life force).  The three doshas are: Vata, Pitta & Kapha, and we all inherit a mix of these three. We operate at our best when our doshas are in balance.  Cleanses like the 21-day challenge can help people achieve balance.

Gotta have a balanced diet.

Gotta have a balanced diet.


Hungry Yoga Teacher

This summer has been a summer of exciting beginnings and reluctant endings. My father passed away at the beginning of summer, which was an unexpected blow mainly because I wasn’t prepared for losing him. On reflection though, there are few circumstances where we’re fortunate enough to be prepared for the loss of a loved one. My dad was my mother’s primary caregiver since she became ill years ago. We’ve all been so focussed on mom’s waxing and waning health that dad’s situation took our family and his friends by surprise.

I wasn’t sure if this summer was the best time to complete my yoga teacher training, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. (also dad would have insisted that I finish what I started!) The process was rigorous; physically, mentally and emotionally draining. As an exercise in processing grief and loss, I can’t recommend yoga study enough.

Yoga study and practice has been giving me comfort, strength and stability. But I’ve also been enjoying comfort food…a lot. As those of you who live in yoga wear know, sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of those extra lbs when your yoga pants are body shapers — mine are! I’ve been in a bit of denial about the weight gain, but increasingly I’ve noticed that I’ve been saying to myself; “I look puffy in that pic!” Today I was in the yard with my boy who was taking pickies for me for a yoga teacher bio (I’m teaching at a studio starting next week!). As I was going through the pics I realized that it’s not that I’ve been having unflattering pics taken….I’ve gained weight. The realization made me hungry for some cookie dough.

Image credit: Caudia Rowe's THE HUNGRY BUM YOGA BOOK

Image credit: Caudia Rowe’s THE HUNGRY BUM YOGA BOOK

So my self care for September is going to involve eating healthier… and less. And accepting that feeling hungry isn’t a terrible thing. I may feel hungry for comfort foods, but my body needs to reflect on WHY I’m needing comfort in that moment.